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2015-12-15Anatomical and physiological features of the basal seat area tissues in edentulous jaws. the doctrine of the dentures fixation in edentulous jaws. impression making in edentulous patients.Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.G.
2015-12-15Crown defects of teeth. Etiology. Clinical presentation. Diagnostics. Restoration of anatomical form of the teeth by artificial crowns.Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.G.
2015-12-15Maxillofacial orthopedics. Goals and objectives. Classification of jaw fractures. Clinical, diagnostic, orthopedic treatment.Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.G.
2015-12-15Orthopedic methods of treatment of patients with parodontium diseasesТомилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.G.
2015-12-15Orthopedic treatment (restoration) of DENTition defects (partial adentia) by dental fixed bridges.Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.G.
2015Patient’s examination in orthopedic dentistry clinic. Clinical methods of examination. Additional (special) methods of examination. Diagnostic procedures in orthopedic dentistry.Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.G.
2012Характеристика больного герпетическим и кандидозным стоматитом по показателям периферической кровиТомилина, Татьяна Викторовна; Соколова, Ирина Ивановна; Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Герман, Светлана Ивановна; Воропаева, Людмила Василивна