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2017-01-14Association of interleukin-2 gene polymorphisms with patients on multi-drug resistant tuberculosisButov, Dmytro; Kuzhko, Mykhailo; Butova, Tetyana; Piriatinskaa, Nataliya
2016Association of interleukins genes polymorphisms with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Ukrainian populationButov, Dmytro; Kuzhko, Mykhaylo; Makeeva, Natalia; Butova, Tetyana
2015Changes in Cytokines Status of Patients with Recurrent Pulmonary Tuberculosis Receiving ChemotherapyButov, Dmytro; Kuzhko, Mykhailo; Shevchenko, Olga; Stepanenko, Hanna; Butova, Tetyana
2017-06-25Changes in nitric oxide status in patients with or without multi-drug resistant tuberculosisButova, Tetyana; Butov, Dmytro; Kuzhko, Mykhailo; Stepanenko, Ganna
2015-09Morphological changes in experimental tuberculosis resulting from treatment with Quercetin and PolyvinylpyrrolidoneButov, Dmytro; Zaitseva, Svetlana; Pitenko, Mykola; Stepanenko, Ganna; Butova, Tetyana
2015-09-26Smoking as a risk factor which activates IL-2 gene polymorphism in patients with MDR-TBButov, Dmytro; Kuzhko, Mykhailo; Makeeva, Nataliya; Butova, Tetyana
2016The associations between a gene polymorphism (IL-2 and IL-4) and cytokines in patients with recurrent pulmonary tuberculosis on standard chemotherapyПірятінська, Наталія Євгенівна; Пирятинская, Наталья Евгеньевна; Piryatinska, Nataliya; Бутов, Д.; Кужко, М.; Макеєва, Н.; Бутова, Т.; Дуднік, А.; Butov, Dmytro; Kuzhko, Mykhailo; Makeeva, Nataliya; Butova, Tetyana; Dudnyk, Andriy