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2018-09-28Comparative antipyretic activity of oxicams of different chemical structureSyrova, Ganna Olegivna; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna; Kalinenko, Olha Sergiivna; Vodolazhenko, Mariya Oleksandrivna; Petiunina, Valentina Mikolaivna; Shaposhnyk, Victor S.
2017-11-22Electrode processes, their biological role and use in medicineLukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna
2016-04Experimental determination of adaptogenic properties of pulsatilla patens aqueous extract under immobilization stressSavelieva, Olena Valerievna; Petiunina, Valentina Mikolaivna; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna; Tishakova, Tetyana Stanislavovna
2020-03-03Experimental research on the influence of pharmaceutical composition 4-[4-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl]-3-phenyl-2(5h)-furanonewith glucosaminylmuramyldipeptide on mnestic activity of rats under the conditions of formalin edemaSyrova, Ganna Olegivna; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna; Prisiazhnyi, Oleksandr Vasiliovich; Synelnik, V'yacheslav Volodimirovich; Gaychuk, Alesia Vasilivna
2020-06How Thalictrum Foetidum extract influences the lipid peroxide oxidation and antioxidant system in rats subjected to chronic immobilisation stressSavelyeva, Elena Valeriivna; Vladimirova, Inna Nikolaevna; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna
2017Micro geterogeneous systems. Colloidal solutions. Coarsely dispersed systemsLukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna
2018-09-20Students knowledge control as a condition for increasing the efficiency of the educational processSyrova, Ganna Olegivna; Petiunina, Valentina Mikolaivna; Kozub, Svitlana Mikolaivna; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna; Kalinenko, Olha Sergiivna
2020-03-11Study of saponins in the Pulsatilla Pratensis (L.) Mill Herbs. S. L.Savelieva, Olena Valeriivna; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna; Saveliev, Vladislav
2020-10ThalassotherapySyrova, Ganna Olegivna; Makarov, Volodimir Oleksandrovich; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna
2018The experimental research on the antiinflammatory action of the new piroxicamcaffeine pharmaceutical compositionSyrova, Ganna Olegivna; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna; Chalenko, Natalia Mikolaivna
2020-04-03Use of Mineral Water in MedicineSyrova, Ganna Olegivna; Makarov, Volodimir Olexandrovich; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna