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Title: Interleukins 33 And 1B Serum Levels Are Connected To Common Carotid Arteries Remodeling In Hypertensive Patients With Obesity
Authors: Honchar, Oleksii
Гончарь, Алексей Владимирович
Гончарь, Олексій Володимирович
Ashcheulova, Tetyana
Ащеулова, Татьяна Вадимовна
Ащеулова, Тетяна Вадимівна
Kovalyova, Olga
Ковалева, Ольга Николаевна
Ковальова, Ольга Миколаївна
Keywords: Hypertension
Arterial remodeling
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Citation: Honchar O. Interleukins 33 And 1B Serum Levels Are Connected To Common Carotid Arteries Remodeling In Hypertensive Patients With Obesity / O. Honchar, T. Ashcheulova, O. Kovalyova // Journal of Hypertension. – 2015. – Vol. 33, e-Supplement 1 : 25th European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection, Milan, 12–15 June 2015 : аbstracts. – Р. e119.
Abstract: Objective. To investigate interrelations between interleukin 33 (IL-33) and 1β (IL-1β) serum levels and common carotid arteries (CCA) remodeling in hypertensive patients with obesity. Method. 80 hypertensive patients (51 obese) have been observed. An ultrasound examination of CCA with estimation of its geometrical type was performed (cut-off value for vascular wall hypertrophy was vascular segment mass >0,275 g/cm, concentric remodeling was diagnosed with relative wall thickness of CCA >0,2). IL-33 and IL-1B serum levels were estimated using ELISA. Results. IL-33 and IL-1β levels were higher in hypertensive patients (p<0,001), independently of BMI. Cluster analysis was made to reveal both cytokines' levels impact on CCA geometry (see picture). IL-33>73 pg/ml, IL-1β>25 pg/ml was associated with 80,0% prevalence of normal CCA geometry and 20,0% of its concentric hypertrophy. IL-1β>20 pg/ml with IL-33<71 pg/ml was characterized by 80,0% prevalence of normal geometry, 10,0% of non-hypertensive concentric remodeling of CCA, 5,0% of concnetric and 5,0% of eccentric hypertrophy. IL-33>71 pg/ml with IL-1β<25 pg/ml was associated with decrease of normal CCA geometry prevalence to 50,0% with increase of concentric hypertrophy rate to 41,7%; other 8,3% patients had eccentric hypertrophy of CCA. IL-33<71 pg/ml, IL-1β<20 pg/ml (p>0,05 vs control group) had 57,9% of normal geometry, 15,8% of concentric remodeling, 15,8% of concnetric hypertrophy and 10,5% of eccentric hypertrophy of CCA. Conclusion. IL-33 and IL-1β serum levels were elevated in hypertensive patients independently of presence of obesity. A pronounced isolated increase in IL-33 level was associated with abrupt increase of CCA hypertrophy prevalence, especially its concentric variant. Accompanying increase in IL-1B level reduced this effect.
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