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Title: Neurohumoral and membran foundations of clininical effectivness of enalapril maleat in essential hypertension
Authors: Babadjan, V.
Lapshina, L.
Shushlyapin, O.
Petyunina, O.
Issue Date: 1995
Citation: Neurohumoral and membrane foundations of clinical effectiveness of enalapril maleate in essential hypertension / V. Babadjan, L. Lapshina, O. Shushlyapin, O.Petyunina // Eur. Heart J. - 1995. - Vol. 16 (abstr. suppl.). - P. 59.
Abstract: The pactical use of inhibitors ACE in treatment of essential hypertension showed, that in spite of theoretical reasons, they rendered antihypertension effect not only in high renin hypertension, but and I low renin activity of plasma
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