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2012Epstein-Barr virus lesions of the central nervous system during HIV infectionKozko, Vladimir Nikolaevich; Gavrylov, Anatoliy Viktorovich; Zagorodneva, Oksana Vladimirovna; Yurchenko, Irina Stanislavovna
2012Epstein-Barr virus lesions of the central nervous system during HIV infectionPahaerdin, Maimaitiming; Zagorodneva, Oksana Vladimirovna; Gavrylov, Anatoliy Viktorovich
2014-01-14Pathomorphology of CNS tubercular lesions in HIV/AIDSGavrylov, A.V.; Bondarenko, A.V.; Yurko, E.V.; Solomennik, A.O.; Zots, Y.
2014Early detection of HIV-infection in patients with HIV-indicator diseases in Kharkiv regionIurko, K.V.; Khidwihagi Halo, A.; Bondarenko, A.V.; Solomennyk, G.O.; Mohylenets, O.I.; Kust, D.A.
2014-03Macroelements contents in the blood serum HIV-infected patients, patients with chronic hepatitis C and HIV/HCV co-infectionKozko V.M., V.N.; Iurko, K.V.; Bondarenko, A.V.; Zovskiy, V.N.; Solomennik, A.O.; Mohylenets, O.I.; Hvozdetska, M.G.; Zavadskaja, L.S.
2014Ранняя диагностика ВИЧ-инфекции в Харьковской областиЮрко, Е.В.; Соломенник, А.О.; Куст, Д.А.; Соколов, Е.И.
2015-05Clinical-pathomorfologic aspects of HIV infection with PJPAdeem, Furkad Yousif Alani
2015-05Clinical manifestations of cerebral toxoplasmosis among HIV-infected personsBerezhnoy, B.Y.; Gavrylov, Anatoliy V.; Sokhan, Anton V.; Zoth, Ya.V.
2015The features of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in patients co-infected with HIV/HCVIurko, K.V.; Kozko, V.N.; Adeyemi, A.A.
2015Features of mineral metabolism disorders in patients сo-infected with HIV/HCVIurko, K.V.; Kozko, V.N.