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2017-10-23Complex flows of cellular suspensions in microtubes at different temperaturesKizilova, Natalya; Batyuk, Liliya
2017-05-23Methodological approaches to the organization of lesson of “Ethic and legal principles of the information management in the heath care system”Batyuk, Liliya; Chovpan, Hanna; Gordienko, Nina
2017-04-27Nanotransporter of targeted delivery of nucleic acids into cellsChovpan, Hanna; Batyuk, Liliya; Bezega, Ye
2017-04-28Mathematical modeling of temperature distribution in malignant tumors that are heterogeneous by blood streamBatyuk, Liliya; Kizilova, Nataliya; Chovpan, Hanna
2017-04-19Methodical features of teaching Medical Information Science at Medical School with «Decision-making in medicine» chapter as an exampleBatyuk, Liliya; Chovpan, Hanna; Knigavko, Vladimir
2017-05-21Thermodynamic approach to dielectric parameters of human blood: application to early medical diagnostics of tumorsBatyuk, Liliya; Kizilova, Nataliya
2017-05-24Mathematical modelling conformational dynamics of DNA by dielectric spectroscopyBatyuk, Liliya; Astapovich, Dmitriy; Berest, Vladimir; Kizilova, Nataliya
2017-05-10Mathematical modeling of the dependence of the probability density of the age of death of a person on timeBatyuk, Liliya; Knigavko, Vladimir; Ponomarenko, Nataliya; Chovpan, Hanna
2017-10-17Theoretical Model for Calculation Electrophysical Properties of Erythrocytes and Its Application in BiomechanicsBatyuk, Liliya; Chovpan, Ganna; Kizilova, Nataliya
2017-09-03Estimation of dielectric parameters of red blood cell membranes by microwave dielectrometry: early diagnostics and treatment control for ischemic stroke patientsBatyuk, Liliya; Astapovich, Dmitriy; Berest, Vladimir; Kizilova, Nataliya