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Title: Recommendations for solving the test tasks of the KROKs-2 licensed exam by students of medical faculties
Authors: Gonchar, М.
Kuznetcov, S.
Makeyeva, N.
Frolova, Т.
Paschenko, Yu.
Omelchenko, Н.
Dryl, І.
Malich, T.
Urivaeva, М.
Logvinova, О.
Chernenko, L.
Sanina, I.
Onikienko, А.
Pugacheva, К.
Teslenko, Т.
Гончарь, М.О.
Омельченко, О.В.
Дриль, І.С.
Маліч, Т.С.
Уриваєва, М.К.
Логвінова, О.Л.
Черненко, Л.М.
Саніна, І.О.
Онікієнко, О.Л.
Пугачова, К.А.
Тесленко, Т.О.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Recommendations for solving the test tasks of the KROKs-2 licensed exam by students of medical faculties : methodical instructions for students 5-6 courses of medical faculties / compilers: М. Gonchar, S. Кuznetcov, N. Мakeyeva, Т. Frolova, Yu. Paschenko, H. Omelchenko, І. Dryl, T. Malich, M. Urivaeva, O. Logvinova, L. Chernenko, I. Sanina, A. Onikienko, K. Pugacheva, T. Teslenko. – Kharkiv : KhNMU, 2018. – 37 p.
Abstract: These guidelines were created for students of medical schools 5-6 courses to prepare for the passing of the KROKs-2 licensing exam. In the methodical recommendations included test tasks pediatric profile, including children's Hematology, childhood infectious diseases, pediatric gynecology and questions pediatric propaedeutics, which were selected from the KROKs-2 booklet for 2017 academic year. To all test tasks, the correct answers A are indicated with a brief explanation and justification, as well as the thesis information about incorrect answers. A specific summary was prepared for each specific task, with a specific explanation conditions of the assignment and the issue of the KROKs-2 license examination.
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