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Название: Ultrastructural changes in the organs of the immune system under the influence of xenobiotics
Авторы: Avilova, Olga
Shyian, Denis
Marakushin, Dmytro
Erokhina, Viktoriya
Gargin, Vitaliy
Ключевые слова: spleen
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Библиографическое описание: Ultrastructural changes in the organs of the immune system under the influence of xenobiotics / O. Avilova, D. Shyian, D. Marakushin, V. Erokhina, V. Gargin // Georgian Medical News. ꟷ 2018. ꟷ № 6 (279). ꟷ P. 132ꟷ137.
Аннотация: Nowadays scientific achievements in various areas of lives have caused the creation of more and more «foreign body substances» known as xenobiotics. As it is widely accepted that human health is a product of both genetics and the environment; and premise that also holds true for the immune system with unclear morphogenetic aspect, so we selected the purpose of our work as detection of ultrastructural changes in the spleen and thymus under the influence of tryglycidyl ether of polyoxypropylenetriol (TEPPT) and propylene glycol (PP). Subacute experiment has been performed on the matured male rat’s with administration of 1/10 LD50 and 1/100 LD50 of TEPPT and PP during 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and 45 days. Obtained materials of spleen and thymus have been investigated with ultramicroscopic and histological exami- nation. Detection of cellular density has been performed. On the base of obtained results we can conclude that structure of spleen and thymus is susceptible to influence of TEPPT and PP. Ultrastructural changes in those organs of the immune system are characterized by margination of chromatin in nuclei, appearance of pronounced invagi- nations of karyolemma till fragmentation of nuclei; con- densed, wrinkled cytoplasm, dilatation of mitochondria, vacuolization of cytoplasm. Such changes are manifesta- tion of hydropic dystrophy and apoptosis development with resulting in reducing of cellular density in 45 days more pronounced under TEPPT influence with 1/10 LD50 dose: in mantle zone of spleen follicle from 171.1±4.1to 123.7±10.8 cells/104 μm2, in marginal zone of spleen fol- licle from 104.6±3.8 to 79.4±9.7, in cortical zone of thy- mus from 180.1±3.9 to 128.3±9.1, in medullar zone of thymus from 137.4±3.7 to 98.6±8.3.
URI: http://repo.knmu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/20263
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