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Title: Experimental study of the antipyretic effect of oxicams and their compositions with caffeine
Authors: Syrova, Ganna Olegivna
Lukianova, Larisa Vladimirovna
Kalinenko, Olga
Vodolazhenko, Maria Oleksandrivna
Petiunina, Valentina Mikolaivna
Keywords: meloxicam
antipyretic effect
pharmaceutical composition
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2018
Citation: Experimental study of the antipyretic effect of oxicams and their compositions with caffeine / G. O. Syrova, L. V. Lukianova, O. S. Kalinenko, M. O. Vodolazhenko, V. М. Petiunina // International Trends in Science and Technology : Proceedings of the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference, Warsaw, Poland, September 30, 2018 / RS Global Sp.z O.O. – Warsaw, 2018. – Vol. 3. – P. 10–14.
Abstract: The experimental study of the influence of caffeine on the antipyretic activity of oxicams in rats was carried out. Meloxicam, piroxicam and their adjuvant caffeine were selected as drugs. According to the results of experimental studies, it was found that meloxicam has the highest antipyretic activity (89,24 %) in 3 hours after administration and exceeded the antipyretic activity of the reference drug. Addition of caffeine to meloxicam did not promote increasing of the meloxicam antipyretic activity, so this composition is considered inappropriate in relation to its antipyretic effect. The antipyretic activity of piroxicam was lower comparing to the reference drug diclofenac sodium. Addition of caffeine to piroxicam promotes increasing of the piroxicam antipyretic activity in 3 hours after administration of the drug. This exceeded the piroxicam antipyretic activity in 1,3 times but did not reach diclofenac sodium activity. The results of experimental studies can become the basis for the creation of new domestic combined medicines.
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