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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015From macro- to microcrystalsDyadichev, Oleksiy; Grabovetskaya, Evgeniya Romanovna
2016Изучение поведенческих реакций при введении кофеина, карбамазепина и их композиций в условиях формалинового отека у крыс.Studying of behavioural reactions at introduction caffeine, carbamazepine and their compositions in the conditions of the formalin edema in ratsЛукьянова, Лариса Владимировна; Lukyanova, L.
2016Experimental substantiation for new medicinal compositions designSyrovaya, Anna Olegovna; Grabovetskaya, Evgeniya Romanovna
Aug-2016Experiments on the influence of organic compounds with nitrogen and their compositions on the emotional-behavioral reactions of laboratory animals under formalin edemaLukiyanova, Larisa Volodimirovna
2016Experiments on new pharmacological compositions under formalin edemaLukiyanova, Larisa Vladimirovna
Sep-2015Experimental study of caffeine influence on antiexudative activity of known NSAIDs of different chemical structureSyrovaya, Anna Olegovna; Grabovetskaya, Evgeniya Romanovna
18-Nov-2017The experimental study of pharmaceutical composition piroxicam and caffeineSyrovaya, Anna Olegovna; Lukianova, Larisa Vladimirovna; Kolesnyk, Mariya Romanovna; Adamu, Isaaka
Oct-2014Creation of new drug compositions and pharmacological substantiation of their suitability for pain syndromes and inflammations in experimental ratsSyrovaya, Anna Olegovna; Bachinskiy, Ruslan Orestovich; Grabovetskaya, Evqeniya Romanovna
2018The experimental research on the antiinflammatory action of the new piroxicamcaffeine pharmaceutical compositionSyrova, Ganna Olegivna; Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna; Chalenko, Natalia Mikolaivna
30-Sep-2018Experimental study of the antipyretic effect of oxicams and their compositions with caffeineSyrova, Ganna Olegivna; Lukianova, Larisa Vladimirovna; Kalinenko, Olha Sergiivna; Vodolazhenko, Maria Oleksandrivna; Petiunina, Valentina Mikolaivna


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